Brown River Sand

About Brown River Sand

Our premium “granite-based” brown river sand is dredged from our mines and river banks in South America. It is product of natural granite rocks weathering over a period of millions of years. This product has a smooth texture & shape and is more rounded than typical sand. Our brown river sand can be used widely such as a base when compaction is necessary such as under paver and retaining walls to propagation mix for orchids.

It is well suited for a wide variety of applications such as “sharp sand” in construction, cement block manufacturing, road base, cement mortar, plastering, landscaping, indoor and outdoor decoration, aquariums. It is mined from the river beds and banks of fresh water areas. We stockpile our brown river sand in Suriname and Barbados. This product has not been formally introduced to the Caribbean market until recently. It has been well received and used. Our brown river sand is a great substitute for sharp sand and all concrete related applications.

The benefits and specifications of our brown river sand: